VoIP: Connecting us virtually

Face-to-face communications allow us to have conversations on a personal level, where we are able to observe more clearly of the non-verbal cues such as body languages and micro facial expressions. However, geographical barriers and time constraints may refrained us from being capable of having face-to-face communications easily. This was especially a struggle during the busy assignment month to have a quick discussion with my digital story group. Hence, we resorted to Skype.

The most prominent strength of using Skype is its convenience in connecting our group members who lives a distant from each other. Skype does not only save the time and cost from travelling both ways, but also drastically shorten the time required to wrap up a quick discussion. Although there was slight difficulty at the start adding members into group video call, we are still able to omit unnecessary waiting time and finding a proper location for meetings.

However, there are downsides in using Skype for group discussion as well. It first required a strong Internet connection to support a smooth and stable Skype conversation. There were moments where other group members’ voice sounded unclear and requiring them to repeat their sentences again. Also, we would have to take turns speaking, instead of being able to chip into the conversation immediately due to the connection speed at times. Furthermore, the video was constantly switching on and off by itself, which makes the conversation slightly awkward because I can’t really gauge who is planning to speak next without seeing the movements. However, thankfully the sound was stable all the while, which still enabled us to carry out the conversation pretty smoothly.



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