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File 28-05-2016, 3 32 57 PM

“Is she coming?”
“Hey, faster off the light!”
“Guys, quickly hide!”

A group of ten young girls glanced at each other behind the doors, making incomprehensible hand signs and elaborated facial expression to signal the countdown. 1… 2… 3!


Taken back with our sudden outburst, S’s surprised response clearly denoted that our surprise was a huge success, which was extremely hard to keep it a secret from her since we all stayed under the same roof. Although it was only months after we stay together in this residential house, we decided to set a tradition of coming together to celebrate each other’s birthday and must be accompanied with a cake.

Her face turned terribly flushed, glowing brighter with the blusher on her face, and eyes twinkling brighter along with candlelight presented in front of her. It was endearing to find her constantly covering her embarrassed face and uttering words of awe from our overwhelming shower of love. Due to our financial limitations and in consideration of the tradition to celebrate everyone’s birthday individually, we thought of a wiser option to present her a gift and cake shared among us by combining our funds together.

We were all organised and in sync in preparation for her surprise, and able to comprehend undecipherable sign languages. But when it comes cutting the cake, we are all hilariously involved into chaotic mess because it’s in a shape of adorable white puppy. “Oh my god, how am I going to cut its head!” S exclaimed in a horrified tone and troubled expression. Turning the cake around, looking at it back and forth, she couldn’t find a proper spot to make the first cut on the cake. “Can someone make the cut on behalf of me?” She frantically pass the knife to P, who’s the eldest among us and probably the fearless too.

“Oh my god, I can’t watch this…”
“We are so cruel… like we’re going to eat a dog…”

Our shrieks of yelping from just cutting a cake (unfortunately in a dog shape) ended up drawing laughters of disbelief from each other when it ends. Perhaps we were all starving kids, as all these uncomfortable thoughts seem to vanished into thin air because we all just started digging in and savouring the vanilla flavours once P finished cutting down every slice for us.

“Okay, next time no more adorable shaped cakes!” P announced, and we all definitely agreed on that.

This was only a piece of memories each of us shared together in the journey of our lives. So much memories to reminiscent that we even called our group as “The first family in Melbourne”. It was heartwarming, flashing back to the moments where there is no need of elaborated decorations of balloons and lavish spending on gifts and cakes, yet the room is filled with genuine laughter and a peek into each others’ personalities.


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