Podcast: Talk on Design Experience



Peer Feedback

For the recent viewing of my fellow classmate’s digital story rough cut, here are few feedback on some of the projects by looking at their strengths, weaknesses and places that can be further improved:

Motivation to study in Melbourne
Overall, the content was quite informative and well-balanced with a diverse group of interviewee that includes both local and international students. However, it has a weak focus on its content, where there is no proper conclusion to the story, which can be confusing for audiences on the purpose of this digital story. Some areas that can be further improved are the sound editing and aesthetic of presented data. The former needs to be revised as it can gets extremely loud at certain parts, which can be a little discomforting for audiences to listen. For the latter, the presentation of the data could have been done better by either blurring out the background to enable audience focus on the data, or increase the quality to appeal more professional.

Crowd funding to support Syrian’s refugees
In my opinion, I personally like how the group approach crowd funding by speaking out in the videos and their respective roles in this digital story. However, the content/digital story requires a better arrangement or presentation as it was hard to gauge its purpose of presenting this video. Similar as before, there is a lack of concluding note as well. Perhaps, this is an aspect to be improved where the group can possibly suggest the ways they can provide support or contribute to the crowd funding. Some of the weaknesses that I’ve noticed are the mismatching voice and lip movements, the colour scheme needs to be revised, and the choices of background during speaking. I think this can be improved by few ways such as fixating the background or using basic colours as background in order to allow audiences focus on the speakers and appeal less all over the place.

Moving infographic on Facebook’s penetration in SEA
The aesthetic was stunning and attractive as the icons and symbols used are easily understandable within quick glances. It depicts an interesting content as well. However, I do noticed that the narrative mainly touched on Vietnam and roughly touched on Singapore at the start. I wish that there were more balanced coverage of South East Asia in their narrative to be relevant with their title. Otherwise, it can appeal as imbalanced or bias in their presentation. Besides that, another weakness is the lack of energy for the voiceover. As compared to the colourful and vibrant use of infographic, the voiceover was very dull and mundane, which does not really relay your narrative effectively. Over a long time, it feels very draining to concentrate on the speaker because of the slurry speeches. This will take away people’s focus on the content and I feel that it’s putting the great aesthetic of infographics into waste.