Review: Filmography 2010

Compiling two hours of film into 3-minutes of trailer without giving away too much of its narrative must have been tough, I once thought. But, have you ever watched a compilation of 270 films into a 5-minute video?

I chanced upon this video few years ago and it has been one of the most memorable YouTube videos I’ve ever watched. It is not a trailer for sure, but using snippets of 270 films to produce a narrative surrounding the theme of human desires felt a tremendous task to me. Personally, I would view this as a good media work because it has a clean structure introducing power, control, superheroes and the emotions that are tied around it. Even though the narrative flow may sometimes switched quite abruptly, I was able to understand the overall message the YouTuber tried to capture. Consequently, I felt that this was achievable with the support of suitable aesthetics and technical editing.

In my opinion, every snippets taken from 270 films were already aesthetically beautiful in its own context and individual scenes. However, it can be hard to comprehend their correlation without the help of technical editing and background music input for this 5-minutes video in delivering its required message.

If every snippets were to view in its own context and individual scenes, it could be hard to understand their correlation at first glance. But, piecing them together with the use of technical help from editing software created a brand new narrative out of their film’s context.