Search Engine Optimisation / SEO


Within the space of World Wide Web, we are overloaded with data and information that are ever readily available for us to discover. This also means that our voices can be easily drowned and overlooked by any latest updates. Hence, we will be looking at Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), which discusses the hopeful ways we can increase the visibility of our websites and have our voices reaching out to desired audiences more effectively. The three main SEO principles I’ve implemented are as followed:

    1. Multi-channel optimisation
      Even though my website is the core hub of my contents, I can increase its visibility through multi-channel optimisation, especially with social media platforms. Some of the common ways that have been put into practices are having matching website name with your social media handles to increase visibility, as well as including links in the biography of your social media account for ease of accessibility. While the former can creates consistency, latter can be useful for cases where desired username has been taken.  As you can see below, my Twitter and Instagram accounts have included my links to practice multi-channel optimisation.

      Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 12.02.11 PM
      Example of Instagram: @iridescentdawnn
      Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 12.01.35 PM
      Example of Twitter: @sharonxwlee

      In this sense, your social media accounts does not only encourage more intimate interactions, but also offered an extension to your website that opens up multiple gateways for traffic flow into your website.

    2. Headlines, Permalinks
      The second way I’ve been executing on my website is to ensure my headlines and permalinks (the url that directs your audiences to a selected post) are relevant to the contents I’m discussing. This has been done by including keywords in my permalinks, as well as making sure that my headlines are attractive. Where my website has discussions around topics that may be foreign to some audiences, such as coding and programming, it is important that they are easily understandable as well. This means not using any complicated words, or jargons that can confused my audiences, thus pushing away traffic flows towards my website.
    3. Internal Linking and Rich Media Context
      Where my website contains dominantly of textual posts, I am seeking to find ways of balancing them with occasional images or videos. This approach is also helpful in optimising the visibility of my website as search engines take various mediums into consideration before presenting relevant informations on search results. In addition to that, rich media context can also creates internal linking to relevant contents that I’ve discussed before on my website. This provides further reading options, which has potential of attracting more of their attentions and increase credibility for my website.