Dealing with Comments and Spam

In the past decades, blogging has been a powerful platform that allows people to voice marginalised opinions, express their creative talents or even narrating their own stories that appeal to their selective audiences. Since they are easily reachable through hyperlinks, search engines and social media, their contents are able to reach out to their readers as well as fostering two-way communications with a comment box.

While some readers may utilise the comment box to offer genuine feedbacks and constructive criticism, others can misused it into cyberbullying or intentionally spamming the comment box with irrelevant comments to the intended post. In view of the latter situation, few strategies have been considered to unnecessary spams in your comment box:

  1. Moderate your comments
    This strategy means that submitted comment posts will only appeared in the comment box after it has been approved by an administrator. Even though this places a strict control on potential spams that may have filled up the comment box, but can also become a tedious process if the blog has high traffic flow and active conservation ongoing within the comment box.
  2. Comments are only opened to registered users 
    The second strategy is only accepting comments from registered users. For most members within the WordPress community or readers who are highly interested to participate within a conversation, they will usually find no trouble carrying out such simple step. It could be the most basic form of preventing spams in comment box as it required an additional step for spammers, which can be hassle.
  3. Install anti-spam plugins
    While the previous strategies are useful, it can be tough to handle large numbers of comments since they required a certain amount of manual labor. By installing anti-spam plugins, they functioned as a protective layer for your website that is able to detect spam comments from computer bots or even humans and filter them out from your comment box. In the mean time, you are able to open your comment box to everyone, which can foster a bigger community as compared to moderated comments and limitation to unregistered users.

These are just a few basic strategies I have thought of in dealing with comments and spam. If you are using other strategies that have been highly useful and helpful, leave a comment down below!